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News Anthrax equipment for sale

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    Interesting report on NBC Nightly News:


    edit (written after first two responses): Sorry I didn't get back to this sooner. I got interrupted as I was posting this. The point is, if you watch the video of the report, you can get some real nice equipment REAL CHEAP! I knew russ would be all over it before I got back. Yes, dears. I know. If I want some anthrax, I'll go to my neighbors sheep ranch and get me some.:wink: But there are a lot of nice science folks living here and the gov't has a warehouse full of expensive (albeit a tad out of date) equipment that can be had for a song. So keep your shorts on. (Ah. The good old bait and switch routine. Gotta love it! )
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    Is this joke? Any can buy lab equipment but not every body can get a strain pathogenic towards human. I don't even have to buy the equipment, I could produce such a thing in my lab. Newsmedia are really goog at scarying people and anyway anthrax is not a good biological weapons in term of killing but it is good agent of terror.
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    Most people would be shocked to learn what kind of equipment is used in commercial drug labs: Industrial sized FOOD processing equipment. The same Hobart mixer your lunch lady used to make soup.

    Its just like nuclear weapons - they aren't that tough for a handful of engineers and physicists to build, the tough part is getting the nuclear material.

    This just in: explosive making ingredients found in local hardware and grocery stores. Story at 11.
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