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B Anti gravity

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    Dear PF Forum,
    I've been wondering lately about anti gravity.
    I read anti matter and came accross this:

    And I'm curious to now.
    Is there really an anti gravity?
    And I've read this wiki entry:
    Is it true, or is just an idea?

    I can "imagine" repulsion as opposed to attraction, such as positive charge vs positive charge.
    But gravity is not a force of attraction is it? Or it is?
    It's just a curvature in space time, right?
    And why would some particle, either matter or matter "realizes" that there's something attracts them. Wouldn't all they "know" is that they have to follow the shortest route in space time?

    Or perhaps anti matter won't be attracted by gravity created by anti matter? This, I don't have any idea what I type. :headbang:
    And supposed that above is true, which I really, really don't think it is, so what about black hole made from matter, wouldn't it be different by the one made from anti matter? Which I know that once it becomes a black whole, it doesn't matter (or anti matter :smile:?) that it comes from matter or anti matter.

    Thanks for enlighten me.
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    Agreed; not science. Thread closed.
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