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Anti-idiotype Antibody?

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    Hi everyone! I'm currently busy writing my thesis. I haven't wrote a word by now, but still in the phase of collectiing data. I am going to write something about different types of antibody. Now, I am studing anti-idiotype antibody.

    Any sources about it will be appreciated except this and this, cause I've learned.:wink:
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    Welcome to the forums, what level of thesis is this? Undergrad, masters, phd? Are you expected to do a research project for this thesis or is it a literature review? Another important question; what do you currently understand about anti-idiotype antibodies? The answers to these will help us help you.

    In terms of finding out more you're on the right track with pubmed. What other search terms have you used? As a good tip in your first link to the Pan et al paper you'll see a box on the lower right titled "Cited by ten PubMed Central articles". If you click "see all" you can get every paper that has cited Pan. Some of this will probably be on the same topic and be more recent, which you really should be looking for, twenty year old papers in biological sciences are almost always obsolete. It's fine to cite them for historical relevance but the more up-to-date the better.
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    "see all"
    Thanks a lot! Actually it is a undergraduate thesis and kind of literature review. The "see all" helped a lot, and I'm sure the part for anti-idiotype antibodies will soon be knocked out. I will focus on the review of other kinds of antibodies after that. Again, thanks for all your help!
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