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Anti matter

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    Hi i was just thinking today and don't know enough to be able to rubbish my own theories.

    I was thinking about the start of the universe being a singularity, and the plotted curve of 1/x having the 2 solutions , positive and negative infinity at its y axis.
    It led me to wonder whether somehow anti matter was the negative solution to the infinity at a singularity as opposed to normal matter being the positive.

    And following this i wondered if anti matter was in fact moving backwards through time. Though if it was i suppose we would never encounter it unless the universe was shaped so we did.

    Could this in someway account for the imbalance in anti vs normal matter and is there any indication that the balance may change as time moves on?

    sorry for the crazy thinking , cheers
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    thankyou, yes they certainly are it would seem! how interesting, especially as i have studied physics very little. Much of that thread is WAY above my head!
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