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Anti-persperents, yea or nay?

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    Are anti-persperant deoderants bad for you? My mom is of the persuasion that in the act of stopping you from sweating, they end up trapping urea, and whatever other toxins you excrete, in your sweat glands under your arms, and that this buildup could increase the likewlyhood of cancer. However, it seems to me that if whatever toxins need to get expelled can't get expelled from under my arms, that they'd just be transported to some other sweat glands. Anyone care to weigh in on this issue?
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    Sour sweat smell is, I believe, primarily the farts and belches of the bacterial population living in your armpit after they've had a good meal.
    Fresh sweat doesn't smell, it's the bacteria who make it so..
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    There was some research on the news saying that deodorants are increasing the likelihood of cancer.
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    What kinds of cancers, gary? I've never heard of armpit cancer...

    - Warren
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    to be honest I can't really remember, but it was definitely in the New Scientist and newspapers.
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    breast cancer
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    Well from studying cancer I would think that it would lead to lymphoma since there are lymphnodes right under your armpits. But another interesting fact...I have heard that the only active ingredient in anit-persperiants can increase your chance of alzheimers disease. Are my sources correct?
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    most anti-perspirants contain aluminum, which some people say is a cause of Alzheimer's. caused a bit of a stir several years ago with people saying you shouldn't use aluminum cookware too. I'm not sure if the aluminum/Alzheimer's link is backed up by the research though.
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    God damnit, everything gives you cancer or alzheimers or leprosy or some crap like that. I heard a report like a year ago that fuking milk gives you osteoperosis.


    I think I won't drink alcohol, won't smoke cigarettes, but will take a chance with trace aluminum under my arm.

    And I'll ****ing get armpit cancer...
    And I'll damned well like it.
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