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I Anti positron chirality

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    please see the following conversaytion. he is saying in some point that the anti positron is right chiral and the says its left chiral......
    whats right

    ParoXoN • 4 years ago

    Very cool post! Thanks for that :)

    I'm a little confused though:
    You say towards the end:
    "The “anti-positron” (does not interact with the W) is called eR (or sometimes eRc or eR-bar), the right-chiral electron."

    But I thought the anti-positron was left-chiral?


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      Flip Tanedo ParoXoN4 years ago
      Ah, good catch ParoXoN. The positron is right-chiral, and the anti-positron is left-chiral. I've corrected the post (and given credit to you for pointing this out).

      Tony and jal: thanks! :-)
    If the positron was right-chiral, the antipositron would have to be left-chiral. But then the electron mass term would have a left-chiral electron and a left-chiral antipositron, which is not correct.

    Do you agree that there is a conflict between the statements or am I misinterpreting it somehow?



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      Ken DK4 years ago
      Argh this was so confusing! The "summary" contradicts all the text and diagrams before it! I certainly hope the "summary" part was right, because that's what I'm gonna stick in my brain.

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      Flip Tanedo DK4 years ago
      Hi DK, it's entirely possible that I was sloppy with conventions, I'll try to go over it again when I get a chance... but there's a possibility that I won't get the chance in the near future. -F
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    Vanadium 50

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    I'm not sure it's a good idea to get involved in third-part discussions in other forums.
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