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Anti proton production

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    I was just wondering anyone knew the mechanisim (specific if you got it) by which they create the antiprotons for say use at the LHC.

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    You don't use antiprotons in LHC..

    But here are some information about antiproton production (mainly its done by hadron collisions, then you separate the antiprotons from the rest of the particles)


    (The Tevatron at Fermilab uses antiproton in collisions)


    The mechanism is often:
    proton + lead target -> Sum of hadrons
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    this site

    seems to suggest they do use them at the LHC, or at least produce them there

    Cheers for links!
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    Well of course they produce and do experiemnts with antiprotons at CERN, but LHC is still a good ol 'proton-proton collider ;-)

    CERN is more than the LHC.

    Here is more info about their antiparticle experiemnts

    http://livefromcern.web.cern.ch/livefromcern/antimatter/factory/AM-factory01.html [Broken]

    (real source)
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    Basically, you send protons into a target and collect the negative particles produced. You put them in a storage ring and the unstable particles - everything except antiprotons and electrons -decay. The electrons lose energy through synchrotron radiation so after a while you're left with antiprotons and nothing else. You can then cycle the system again.

    Lather, rinse and repeat.
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