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Anti Roll Bar Rate

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    I have an equation taken from a book that when converting from imperial to metric gives me the complete wrong answer when converting back afterwards... it seems simple but im obviously missing a trick, can anybody help?

    Imperial Equation
    Angular Rate / (Lever Length2 x pi /180) = Roll Bar Rate (in*lbs)
    75.46in*lb / (7in^2 * pi / 180) = 88.24 (in*lbs)

    Metric Equation
    0.892m*kg / (0.178m^2 * pi / 180) = 1618.035 (m*kg)

    Converting 1618.035m*kg to in*lbs gives 140439.1994in*lbs
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    Jas1159: lbf should be converted to newton (N), not kg. Try again. Also, the units on the left-hand side of your equation do not match the units on the right-hand side of your equation, thus indicating a mistake.
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    Ranger Mike

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    is the ARB solid or hollow?
    formula for solid Anti Roll Bar , sway bar , stabilizer is -
    1,125,000 x D⁴ / L x A
    where D = bar outside diameter, L= effective bar length A+ effective arm length

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