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Antibaryon? Real?

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    Hi there,

    I was having a discussion with a fellow student and we could not decide whether a Antibaryon was real and if so what the quark structure of it be?


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    As with all questions of this sort, you will get better answers if you first do your own research, then ask us for help with the specific parts that weren't clear to you. If you Google for "quark antibaryon composition" you will find several useful and informative links. Please read these, and then you can come back with more specific questions.
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    "was real" ... are quarks real to you? :-p

    In general, there are antibaryons... In any case if you define some set of baryons that are formed from 3 quarks, then you can do the same for the set of their antiparticles formed by 3 antiquarks... So a proton (a baryon) with valance quarks [itex]uud[/itex] has an antiproton (antiparticle) with [itex] \bar{u} \bar{u} \bar{d}[/itex] valance quarks...
    The same you can do for all the rest...
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