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Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria

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    Most antibiotics are derived from microorganisms that do not occur naturally in the human body. Most infectious bacteria showed no resistance to these antibiotics when they were first used in the 1940s, because pathogens (disease-causing organisms) did not already have antibiotic resistance to them then. Why?

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    Also, what are some strategies that could help reduce the incidence of antibiotic resistance in your home, your school, and in society at large? Thanks
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    here's some hints to get you started:

    1- Find the environment in which antibitotis producing micro-organism live. For example, actinomyces and streptomyces produce antibiotics.

    2- What is the enviroment a pathogen tend to occupy? In most cases, is it the only environment it occupies?

    3- Compare the environment occupied by pathogens and the antibiotic-producing micro-organism.

    Startegies: using the principle of evolution and natural selection, use of antibiotics, etc...
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