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Antiderivate of (x^2)e^((-x)^3)

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    Hello again.. I have another problem too, it's simle I think, but i'm tired and can't think properly right now.. ;)

    The antiderivate of (x^2)e^((-x)^3) ?

    And HOW do I solwe it?
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    Re: antiderivate

    Try to solve it by substitution.
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    Hi okhjonas! :smile:

    (have a squared: ² and a cubed: ³ :wink:)
    Go to sleep … :zzz:

    Look at it again in the morning … it's actually really easy. :smile:
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    Re: antiderivate


    I wouldn't need help on this one, when i tried today i solved it at once... :smile:
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