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Antigravity underground

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    hola. im not sure what specific place this should be so i figure general will do. i am in a physics club and our first project is a lifter. it apparently lifts above the ground using electricity (at least 25 kv). you can find videos and information online if you wish (amazing1.com/grav.htm has a video). so, i was wondering if there were any suggestions anyone would like to give into building this...shape, voltage, anything at all really. have any of you built one? thank you very much
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    There is a thread on lifters HERE. Try not to use the word "antigravity" - it triggers my gag reflex.
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    it didn't really give much on design. most pictures show the basic triangle. ive seen some utilizing circular with triangles and even a hexagon. is there a better shape or mixture of shapes?
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    anyone have any ideas? or is there a better section of engineering to post this?
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