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Antimatter as Vehicle in Time Travel

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    What would be the state of a universe that contains only antimatter? Is it in a state of contraction or expansion similar to ours?

    As what Feynman diagram shows antiparticles travel backward in time, so if we can transform ordinary matter into antimatter by changing the protons to antiprotons, neutrons to antineutrons, and electrons to positrons, the new form of matter will travel backward in time. So a time machine is really a matter-antimatter converter.
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    How do you get the State of 'ANTI-TIME'?..the new form of matter
    (Anti-Anything) would get no further than the first closest/nearest ordinary matter...Anhialating in a small fraction of pico-second!..the past worldline in any Feynman Model cannot and does not allow for anything from the present to be transported to the past due to Collapsed Wavefunctional interactions.

    The only worldline available has to avoid all of 'present day' matter, just try and create a World-History-Line without interacting with any 'real-time' matter and you've solved the most problematic factor in SST and M-Theory, just how does one avoid 'Anything' in the 'Real' Present-Time?..by creating Virtual Pathways, unphysical routes/Paths!
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    The antitime is just another direction of time (there are only two directions). All matter follow one direction and all antimatter follow the other direction.

    Three fundamental properties of matter and antimatter are mass, charge and spin. Mass is common for both. Spin might not be common because of parity nonconservation. Charge is the property that distinguishes matter and antimatter.

    So when I say antimatter, I really mean, there must be an antimass and antispin for it to be a true converter for time travel.
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    And one of the consequences for this :So when I say antimatter, I really mean, there must be an antimass and antispin for it to be a true converter for time travel.

    The appearence converts one into the other?..this will have drastic consequences, the 'Time-Traveller' that goes backwards to say a 3+1 spacetime of 1895, will automatically convert those who happen to have been in his/her near vicinity into 'non-existing' present-time particles, consigning them to never have existing at all in 1895?

    Anti-matter by its very nature either destroy's a particle's past history, or creates it's Future path .

    Anti-matter and Matter cannot share the same spacetime, ectectra..the Present Time, there is no evidence of Anti-Matter and Matter co-existing for a verifyable amount of Time,without any dynamical alteration to either energy?
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    But the antimatter can be enveloped or protected by outer layer of pure energy (actually pure energy is a form of spacetime and there should be two topologies for square of pure energy) so that at any past spacetime point, the antimatter is converted back to ordinary matter.
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    A universe full of anti-matter would be more or less like ours is, assuming the same initial conditions and laws of physics.

    There is nothing inherently special about anti-matter save for a few irregular meson decays.
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    If we assume there are only two directions of time and that ordinary matter is found moving on one timeline, what can we assume to be moving on the other timeline? Feynman diagram already gave us the hint.
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