Antimatter Decay Problem

  1. I wanted to know If we have a antimatter it decays ? Actually I am asking Is antimatter decay ?

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  3. Drakkith

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    Are you asking if antimatter decays? If so, then yes, it decays similar to normal matter.
  4. jtbell

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    Or doesn't decay, as the case may be. Electrons don't decay, so positrons don't decay. Neither do free protons or antiprotons.
  5. Drakkith

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    Of course. I was more referring to how different isotopes of normal matter decay. The antimatter versions of those isotopes would also decay. I probably should have worded my response better.
  6. How different is antimatter decay allowed to be from matter decay, if CPT is not violated but CP is?
  7. ChrisVer

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    It's as different as the asymmetry caused by CP violation.
  8. mfb

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    The question "does it decay at all?" is independent of CP violation, just the lifetime can differ.
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