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I Antimatter in proton

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    Hi! I am asked to calculete the portion of antimatter present in protons. I am sayed that this portion is given by:
    r=(3R-1)/(3-R), where R is R=σ(antineutrino)/σ(neutrino). Another definition of r is r=∫x*Q'(x)dx/∫x*Q(x)dx, where Q(x) are partonic densities Q(x)=d(x)+u(x) (d is down quark and u up quark). Q'=d'(x)+u'(x) (d' antidown and u' antiup). x is Bjorken variable x.

    After doing this, I am asked to say if this answer would be correct if we included density of quarks s and s' (strong, antistrong), and to tell how this density would manifest in total cross section.

    Can you guys help me or give me some bibliography? I am sorry if I havent made myself clear, English is not my mother language...
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