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Any advice

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    I am just entering high school and have been dreaming of a scientist life forever. I have a huge intrest in science and astronomy ( im kind of a trekkie).
    I am wondering what advice i can get on starting my carrer as a physicist.

    P.S Just because i said i was a trekkie dont get the wrong message that im not serious about science.
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    Here's some advice -- enjoy high school. Seriously, just do what you enjoy. Also try to be involved with things you enjoy. Also try new things, talk to new people.

    I can almost guarantee you that your time will be more enjoyable if you try new things. There is a lot of freedom that comes with being in high school, take advantage of it.

    Everything I've said might not seem too pertinent towards your question however when it comes down to it the truth is is that what you may be interested in today might not necessary align with your interests tomorrow.

    However if you want to know more about physics the best thing you can do at your age is just get involved with physics projects. For example, if you think building a radio might be interesting, do it. No better way to find out if you like it by doing it.

    Also read! There is a book, you've probably heard of it, called "The physics of star-trek" by Lawrence Krauss. I believe that should be right up your alley.

    In any case good luck! Remember to do what you enjoy.
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    Keep your grades decent. Do well in your math classes, especially. Joining clubs, science-related or not, would be a good idea.

    But Feldoh is right, enjoy your time there :smile:.
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    Math, work on them well. real science courses occur at junior or sophomore years
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