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Any advice?

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    This is regarding Micheal Spivak's Calculus Textbook.

    I need to be re-assured that not being able to answer all the problems is perfectly normal. I can answer all the ones in other textbooks, but this one is like WAY over my head sometimes.
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    yes it is normal. you are not expected to do that. it would take a long time. also try reading courant. best calc book imo. just dont copy what the examples are in the book but actually understand what the book is talking about.
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    Most math undergrads reportedly have trouble with it.

    Check out the amazon reviews on it. You can take those seriously because most people reviewing it are math, physics, engineering or computer science students. And some of the reviews are done by forum members from right here. I noticed about 3 of them :)

    General consensus says you'd have to be an uber genius to do them all if this is your first "real" introduction to calculus.
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    Would you really want a textbook that just had plug'n'play exercises that anyone could do? Effective teaching and learning require appropriate challenges!
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    Well yes, and that's why I asked my prof for something and this is what I got.

    It's just went from uber easy to uber hard. I do enjoy it, especially when you answer a question.
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