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Any Attorneys in the House?

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    I would like someone on this forum who is familiar with law on the internet (international) to please PM me. I have an idea, but need to know what walls I should put up beforehand.

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    You're going to have to be more specific.
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    Sorry, I can't out in the open.

    I'd go the the Law Forums, but you guys are the only ones I trust. My problem does concern Physics, of sorts.
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    A forum isn't the place to go. I am familiar with a lot of international and e-commerce "laws", but not in a position to give legal advice. If you need true confidentiality you are going to have to consult (and retain) a real attorney. You can inquire about legal specialties through the American Bar Asssociation, or a local Bar. If you are not in the US, search on something similar in your country. I would NOT accept legal advice from someone unknown over the internet, even if they got to you through this forum. PF cannot validate every member.
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    If it's still that Doomsday Device, don't worry about privacy. Once you demonstrate it, nobody will steal your design.
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