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Any body use LaTeX on OS X?

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    I would like to get some kind of typesetting software for my Macbook. Anyone use one on theirs who could point me in the right direction? If possible, keep the technical terms to a minimum:redface: I get lost in them easily ;)

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    I assume that package comes with this so-called 'editor' that I need? Keep in mind I have no idea what I am talking about:confused:
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    My favorite program is LyX. LyX will basically do all the LaTeX formatting for you, and is sort a cross between a what you see is what you get and a what you see is what you mean.

    Of course, if you want to just do raw LaTeXing then just go for TeXShop.
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    I downloaded and installed this. It looks hella complicated.:rofl: Now I need to find a tutorial!
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    1) MacTeX is the way to go (it is an easy install)
    2) LyX is also the way to go (download and install this)
    3) If you do any research, use BibDesk (after installing MacTeX go to finder > applications > TeX > BibDesk). It installs with MacTeX and is great for tracking PDF's and all the information to cite.
    4) LyX is awesome with BibDesk, you can basically attach a file you create with BibDesk, and use a menu, and it will automatically create the BibTeX. This becomes a MUST when you have a lot of references to cite.

    OSX is great by the way... (I'm a recent convert) ;-)
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    Glad I downloaded the right one. I still have yet to figure out what it all means though.
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    If you have any problems, keep this thread alive.

    On a side note, I just put 4GB of memory into my macbook. OSX works sooo much better. With Spaces, I can keep a screen open with MATLAB, another with LyX, another with Mathematica (which I don't do as often -- but sometimes), and most importantly PDF's (for research articles). OSX loves PDF's.

    I really prefer this workflow over Windows.
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    I posted some tutorials for you in the other thread, but they deal most of all with the language of LaTeX. How your tex-editor works you must find out for yourself;)

    When the tutorials talk about compiling and doing pdf's they dont assume that you have an editor, so they tell you how to compile and create pdf's in your command-central (DOS in Windows for example). So you have to learn, at least how to create new projects, save, and compile and create pdf's with your editor. The rest is written in the tutorials I posted you. Also as kurt said, try find templates and similar, it is very useful to learn from other peoples tex-files.
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    Cool. Thanks guys! I got a bunch of stuff with the package. I know that an editor is in there somewhere, but I don't know which folder it is!

    The link above is what I downloaded. I'll have to look around my hard drive. I am used to software self-installing shortcuts and what not!
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    D H

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    I use TeXShop and the LaTeX Equation Editor.

    It looks like TeXShop is a part of the MacTex distribution.

    The LaTeX Equation Editor is a nice little tool that I use to write single equations that are to be placed in something normally inhospitable to TeX such as a PowerPoint presentation. A link: http://evolve.lse.ac.uk/software/EquationEditor/
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    Okay, so I have been messing with with TexShop a little bit. Anyone know of any good websites or forums where I could find...well...like a chart or some sort of references to the most popular templates and characters.

    Like a how to type of place?
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    I gave you two very good references on LaTeX in the other tread that you and I discussed.

    If you send me a private message with your mail, I'll mail you some more references that I have plus some of my own tex-files so you can see some examples.
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    Oh! Thanks! Those references were actually directed towars MayDay, the OP, so I thought for some reason that they did not apply to Macs. But, now that I think about it, that was a retarded thought!

    I am going to start rummaging through them today.

    Thanks again
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    As we said, LaTeX (the language) is the same on all OS, but the inteprentor from tex to pdf differs.

    Send me a private message with your mail and I'll give you more stuff if you want=)
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