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News Any classic liberalists here?

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    I have some questions for Ron Paul-followers.

    Doesn't classic liberalism assume that humans have a lot more empathy and rationality than we really do? To me it seems unlikely that this system will create anything like what we're witnessing in countries like Sweden.

    Isn't it inevitable that an uncontrolled market without a minimum welfare will create an uneven distribution of welfare in society, that will lead to lots of poor people, and thereby more crime? That's what history has shown!

    Without a welfare state, what will happen to the poor? Remember that the people themselves created the welfare state because they didn't have freedom.
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    Well, I am a Norwegian who the last couple of years have been sliding down (or rushing up?) the slippery slope towards classical liberalism.

    Not the least based on the deficiencies I see in the Scandinavian welfare state model..
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    No, it makes no such assumptions.
    What system? Classical liberalism imposes no system. That's its defining quality.
    History has shown the opposite, that socialist policies lead to more poor people (constituents) and much more crime.
    There will be a lot fewer of them.
    No, it was because they were promised a share of the loot from the legalized pillage. And they're lied to and misled about classical liberalism.
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    OP answered. Closed.
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