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Any good book suggestions?

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    Since summer is near i wanna take some astronomy, astrophysics book...or maybe quantum mechanics and string theory! Any suggestions? :smile:
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    there are a science book forum for that.

    also give us your background so that approriate books can be recommended for you.

    Moderators will move this thread to the correct forum for you, so don't panic.
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    I wanted to post this here but i couldn't...but nvm that. Tnx for replay!
    About background...i really don't have physics at school cuz im in economy school...but i like it very much i watch a lot of videos on youtube, read on Wikipedia and forum and i know more then some one at my age who has physics in school. As i said i want something about space...astronomy...theories maybe.
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    Here's a few recommendations;

    Introductory Astronomy and Astrophysics by Stephen A. Gregory and Michael Zeilik.

    Understanding Space by Jerry Sellers

    Fundamental Astronomy by H. Karttunen

    Feynman Lectures on Physics VOL 3


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    Tnx i will go to find them this week!
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    Feynman lectures require physics and math background

    I suggest books from "a very short introduction to _________" from oxford
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