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Any good books in physics?

  1. Aug 10, 2007 #1
    I'm currently about to begin A-Levels (16-18 yrs old) studying in Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. My main interests are Maths and physics but I also enjoy the others. Could anybody recommend good books that can feed my interest? I'm currently about to finish 'Contact' by Carl Sagan which is great but I'd prefer something more informative.
    I am certain in being involved in a career physics, maths and (maybe) chemistry.

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    "Fabric of the Cosmos" by Brian Greene.... this was the first physics book I read and probably part of the reason that I decided to learn physics instead of becoming a doctor... you will probably enjoy this book a lot, it will explain some of the most interesting theoretical ideas out there without boring you with any excess... as for informative, Feynman's lectures on physics (the books) are just brilliant, in terms of the math... you may want to learn ordinary differential equations and vector calculus... but you can just skip all the derivations, save the math for college, and read his very understandable explanations of some normally very hard concepts...
    I am in college now but I started reading physics as a junior, and these were the best books that I have read so far... then again I still have a bookshelf full of books that were recommended to me that I have yet to read...
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    I liked Joe Silk's big bang. Any of the "in search of" by John Gribbin are good.
    The feynam lectures are bit hard going without ugrad maths, but "the character of phyical law" is short and excellent.

    The Bill Bryson 'A Short History of Nearly Everything' is excellent, not really text book level - a lot is anecdote and biographical but it is a really excellent quick tour of the whole of science.
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    yeah, in search of Schrodinger's cat was pretty good too
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    Thanks, I've ordered Fabric of the Cosmos, I'll think about the others when I've finished it.
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