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Any good interview questions?

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    I'm gonna be a journalist for the university paper this weekend, interviewing some students that run a student pub/disco/bar. I don't want it to be a boring read, so I need some good questions! Any suggestions?
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    1.) What kind of music do you play
    2.) Does your DJ play whatever he/she likes, or do you give them a crapy playlist
    3.) When are your specials on food and beer
    4.) What is your most popular beer to try
    5.) What time do you open/close on weekends
    6.) What beers do you have on draft
    7.) how many students do you normally have on a weekend
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    Most of your questions are likely to be pretty boring. The interesting stuff is too likely to get people in trouble. ;-)

    You might ask if they plan to have live bands or what bands have played there before.
    Ask about mixed drinks they serve and what are popular. I know that since it is a campus pub they are only likely able to sell beer and wine but there are mixed drinks you can make with beer and such.
    The pub at UCI used to have an incredibly large selection of microbrew beer. They did not serve any Budweiser, Coors, Corona, ect.. See if they have an unusual selection and ask what they go through to get such a selection.
    Ask them what they have had to do to keep the pub running and how they got their jobs.
    You could put a face on the place by asking them each personal questions (not too personal) and when they work the bar.
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    The interview is not gonna be very serious. Besides, most of the readers know the interviewees.
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