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Any good programming challenge using the c language.

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    I am currently in my second quarter learning the c language. The class is not hard at all, but i want some challenge problems. Are there any goods links?
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    How about writing some extended (or infinite) precision numerical routines so you can calculate things like 10,000! etc.?
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    What do you mean by "precision numerical routines"? You have to be more specific.
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    He means represent your number as a string of characters and then write some routines to compute with the numbers. C's built in numerical types have a limited range, but if you write your own "big number" routines, the range is potentially infinite (given enough memory, of course).
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    There are loads of problems you can find here:

    http://acm.uva.es/problemset/ [Broken]
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    How about figuring out how to write an algorithm for an NP problem that completes in O(log n)


    just kidding.
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    Searching a sorted list is an NP problem that has a solution that runs in O(log n) time. (Assuming a random access lookup counts as one unit of work)

    (Yes, I know you meant NP-complete. :tongue:)
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    Very nice link. thanks.
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    Yes :-) I thought about it after but was to lazy to change it.
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    Solving puzzles where you have to arrange things is a good one. Normally recursion (where a function calls itself) is a good way to tackle these.

    A pentomino solver is interesting. You'll find lots of these on the web, but to make it interesting, just read up on the problem and then write your own code.
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    build a 3D engine.
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    Some of my favorites:

    1. A neural network which displays a small window allowing you to use the mouse to "draw" a number and then have the network interpret it.

    2. A multi-tasking operating system scheduler (just a simulator). The quintessential reference: "A Scheduling Philosophy for Multi-processing Systems", ACM Journal, 60's or so.

    3. A Drag-and-drop application which displays a drawing of a dorm, and allows you to drag-and-drop students into the rooms (all database operations updated concurrently).

    4. A general-purpose plotting library: Supply a function and it plots a nice report on the screen. Try doing this in 3-D as well. Add features such as point-and-click operations on the graph (enlarging, reducing, etc.).
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    Get into systems side with C, C++
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