Any good references on EIT?

  1. is there any good reference on EIT?

    with some emphasis on the actual mathematical calculations
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  3. are you talking about electromagnetically induced transparency
  4. yes, exactly
  5. end of day, but i will dig up a few papers that i have on it. came up recently in the context of some research on fano resonances, there is a good paper which presents a good toy model ... just can not remember what journal....
  6. I found the following paper by Fleischhauer, Imamoglu and Marangos useful. It is fairly extensive, although I don't know if it has as much math as you want.

  7. So I just looked through my folder on these and realized that most of my papers are based on the discussion of Fano resonances. Since EIT is a type of Fano resonance.

    So you would be best served looking at the first paper by Fano: Phy Rev 1961 vol 124 #6,

    also found this paper interesting: Classical analogy of Fano Resonaces, Joe et al Phys scr 74 (2006) 259

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  8. thanks a lot

    yeah, but fano's paper is a bit hard for me

    years ago, i read it, but cannot follow the math there

    the problem is that there are some delta functions

    i will try again
  9. agree the fano paper being difficult, but you said you wanted the hard math to the phenomena. ;-)

    that said as fano/eit are being referenced a bit more in some of the optics lit that I am reading for plasmons, I would suggest doing the whole check references and see where it leads you. that is what i have done.

    by the way there is one other paper that i got recently in prepress that has lots of good refs. I will dig it out when i get home.

  10. Read this referenece
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