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Homework Help: Any help appreciated

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    A 0.25-kg ball attached to a string is rotating in a horizontal circle of radius 0.5 m. If the ball revolves twice every second, what is the tension in the string?
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    Why Wont Anoyboyd Help Me!
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    T (tension)= m*(v^2)/R
    And v (speed) You can find from frequency!?
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    so do you just plug the numbers into that formula and if it revolves twice every second does that effect the problem.
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    You should represent velocity throgh the frequency
    Or You can find velocity through v=s/t
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    do you mind doing out the problem because i am confused.like a step by step example..thank you so much Yegor
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    1.The tension in the rope/wire is a centripetal force.Which formula giving the centripetal force would be best to use in this case?

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