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Any Help?

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    Hello, I just started Toe Database which combines resources for people wanting to learn about TOE (Note all people who read this should join and tell anyone they know who likes physics to join) However I just wrote two small papers for the site and I was wondering If I could get some reviews. The Stories will be in the Stories Archieve Section or you may be able to acess them from the main page or other means. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tom McCurdy
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    If you want, there is a tremoudous amount of information at this http://wc0.worldcrossing.com/WebX?14@43.NdPPcXk0abB.21@.1dde3fdf [Broken] that I have been collecting as well. You are free to take what you want there to bolster your site. In my own seaches I have come across a lot of information that would have to be weigh and considered. Minus my comments as well :smile:

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    Would you be intereted in combining sites somehow, You have a ton of great information, but I think my actual site has a better database system running it, If somehow we combined ur info with my site it would be great.
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    Sol and Tom, please continue this discussion by PM or Email. Not to dis either one of you, but personal site business doensn't belong in a PF thread.
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    Yes I understand. I wanted to help a young aspiring fellow get a head start.
    I'll remember to handle it that way in the future.

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    lol you used the word "dis"
    I never would have exspected you to

    ok sorry we will pm from now on
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