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Any Ideas for Civil Engineering Specialization(CET) Project for the whole SEMESTER

  1. Nov 18, 2011 #1
    Second semester had just started and prior to my CET subject for this sem, our professor let us suggest what project we will be making for this whole semester individually. He said that it must be innovative and not of the usual road, bridge, airport and coliseum designs. He thinks of something like underground/underwater structure designs and even satellites (which I think is pretty hard to do). This project involves making a miniature of the design and its quantitative stuffs (computations, estimations and the like). Our professor will only be our guide and we are the ones expected to do all of the researches and studies. As of this semester my other subjects are Strength of materials, AC/DC circuits, Construction material and testing, and Higher Surveying. Any ideas of a good project that can be done within a semester and doesn't require too much time to finish--- without sacrificing my other subjects?

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