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Homework Help: Any ideas to investigate?

  1. Nov 26, 2006 #1
    Hello all, firstly I would like to thank those who helped me with my recent posts! I have now finished all my end of year assessment. One of those pieces of assessment was an extended experimental investigation (EEI), I was terrible in this assignment and was lucky to just pass. I will need to complete another EEI for next year, (which is my last year of schooling and most important). I want to try and get the best possible mark for next year, and as this is a major piece of assessment I want to start early. So I am writing for ideas, hopefully I want to investigate something very interesting, I love maths so the more equations the better, so any ideas?

    An EEI has these characteristics:

    ·It is extended. An EEI occupies considerably more time than the usual physics practical. An EEI may continue for months and will continue in the background of your normal Physics lessons (as well as your other subjects). You will still be expected to do homework, study for exams, carry out practicals and complete other forms of assessment while the EEI is underway.

    ·It is experimental. An EEI requires you to conduct an experiment and to collect data. The data will be qualitative or quantitative observations of some particular phenomenon made by you (not by someone else as is the case for a purely book or internet researched project).

    ·It investigates some phenomenon in the physical world. You will be expected to analyse your data and to draw conclusions. You will discuss whether your results support your hypothesis or not.

    Please any questions please ask, If the experiment needs some sort of equipment, I can check what equipment the school has in the next week as after then I will be on holidays.

    cheers Matt
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