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Any ideas?

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    I'm setting up a physics experiment but I have one problem.

    How do I attach a heavy metal rod onto the ceiling?
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    Depends on things you've not specified. For instance, this is real easy to do with a wood ceiling but a little harder for concrete. But the pull-out strength in concrete would be greater than in wood.Give me the following info :

    1. What ceiling is made of,
    2. Material and dimensions of metal rod,
    3. Orientation (hangs vertically from ceiling ?),
    4. Other loading data (is something heavy attached to the rod, are forces applied to it...what is the purpose of the rod ?)
    5. Does the position need to be exactly at a specific point? Would it be useful to have adjustability built into the position ?

    The more info you can give, the better.
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    Not an answer to your question but rather a suggestion: you might be better off building a support frame that is almost as high as your ceiling and that you can move around. This allows you to better place and control the stress loads of the attached metal rod.
    Worked great for me on one of my experiments!
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    True, unless the frame gets in the way of the experiment. But that can usually be managed in the design of the frame.

    Check out drop-in multiset anchors for concrete. Also look at Unistrut(R) if you want positional flexibility. Unistrut is also good for buildling frames.
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