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Any 'Lost' fans on PhysicsForums?

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    I either hate to love it or love to hate it. Have not decided yet.
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    I loved to watch it, but I got bored after two seasons. They keep making up incredible plot twists, which is nice in the beginning but started annoying me after a while (hey, you know what: suddenly there is a fully civilized village with power and everything, just a few miles away! how couldn't we have noticed that earlier!).
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    I love it all to bits, but quit watching in the first season because I missed a couple of episodes and it screwed everything up. My boss and I always talked about it the next day, and she knows how much I regretted missing it, so she gave me seasons 1 & 2 on DVD last year for Xmas. This year, she gave me season 3. I will not watch season 4 on the air, and hope that we're still on good terms next Xmas. :biggrin:
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