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Any math I can teach myself?

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    I'm currently attending cc planning to transfer for a BS in math. However, due to poor planning, all my general ed is finished, but I still need a lot of math. Next semester, I'll be taking pre-cal and either stat or comp sci. With such a light course load, is there any more advanced math I should start teaching myself? Or anything else I should start working on to give myself a leg up in future classes? Kind feels like I'll be slacking off only taking two classes.
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    Learning this book along with pre-calc would be useful to a future math degree.
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    Thanks, seems perfect for me.
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    Also, I would recommend you read the famous book by Richard Courant "What is Mathematics?" Even if you don't understand everything or can't solve any of the problems, I think the insight provided just by being exposed to the material would be beneficial to any future math major.
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