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Any Mathematica whizzes?

  1. Aug 13, 2008 #1
    Hi all,

    I'm currently trying to implement some code to compute the Frechet derivative of a system of PDEs, and the associated formal adjoint. The code I'm using to compute derivative is:

    Code (Text):
    FrechetD[support_List, dependVar_List,
    independVar_List, testfunction_List] :=
    Block[{indep, frechet, deriv, \[Epsilon], r0, x1, x2},
    r0 = Function[indep, x1 + \[Epsilon] x2];
    frechet = {}; Do[deriv = {};
    Do[AppendTo[deriv, \!\(
    \*SubscriptBox[\(\[PartialD]\), \(\[Epsilon]\)]\ \((support[[
    j]] /. \[IndentingNewLine]dependVar[[
    i]] -> \((r0 /. \[IndentingNewLine]{indep ->
    independVar, \[IndentingNewLine]x1 ->
    dependVar[[i]] @@ independVar, \[IndentingNewLine]x2 ->
    testfunction[[i]] @@
    independVar})\))\)\) /. \[Epsilon] -> 0],
    {i, 1, Length[support]}];
    AppendTo[frechet, deriv],
    {j, 1, Length[support]}];
    This works an absolute charm. Then to compute the associated adjoint, I use:

    Code (Text):
    AdjointFrechetD[support_List, dependVar_List,
    independVar_List, testfunction_List] :=
    Block[{subrule, $testf, frechet, n, b},
    subrule = b_. ($testf^(n__)) @@ independVar :>
    (-1)^Plus @@ {n} \!\(
    \*SubscriptBox[\(\[PartialD]\), \(Delete[Thread[{independVar, {n}}],
    0]\)]\((b\ $testf @@ independVar)\)\);
    frechet = FrechetD[support, dependVar,
    independVar , testfunction];
    Do[frechet =
    frechet /.
    (subrule /. $testf -> testfunction[[i]]),
    {i, 1, Length[testfunction]}];
    frechet = Transpose[frechet]]
    This doesn't work, sadly. All it seems to do is give me the transpose of the original Frechet derivative matrix. The code originally came from a book I've looked at, so it can't be too far wrong. Sadly, my mathematica skills are pretty much non-existent, so I haven't a clue what the problem is! If anyone could give me some pointers it would be much appreciated!

    Many thanks,
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  3. Aug 13, 2008 #2
    Ant, I wish I could help you but I'm a novice myself. While I look forward to a response to this, if anyone would advise me on the best book to purchase to learn Mathematica 6, any opinions would be appreciated.

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