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Any of you guys have worked with a cnc mill?

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    undefinedi was just wonerin if any of you guys have worked with a cnc mill? And also what is it used for?

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    A CNC mill is typically used for the same processes that a 'normal' mill is used for. Its advantages lie in being able to create a part directly from a CAD model, and producing identical repeat parts with minimal user interference.
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    I have a fair amount of experience in designing parts to be machined on a CNC milling machine. A CNC mill gives you an incredible amount of flexibility. It allows you to cut irregular shapes at the press of a button so to speak. Most of the time if you can draw it in CAD you can cut the part. There are also programs that will scan in a hand drawing or existing part and create a CAD drawing. Imagine the rest...
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    is it possible to make like say engine blocks? or bottles? stuff like that canisters?
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