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Homework Help: Any one solve these problems?

  1. Jan 25, 2010 #1
    can any one solve these
    I tried too much to understand them but no way:

    1- what values of a makes the system have no solution? one solution? many solutions?


    2- find all unit vectors in the plane determined by u=(3,0,1) , v =(1,-1,1)that are prependicular to the vector w=(1,2,0)

    3- express the matrix
    0 1 7 8
    1 3 3 8
    -2 -5 1 -8

    in the form A = EFGR where E,F,G are elementary matrices and R is in Row-echelon form

    4- show that the line
    x=0 , y=t , z=t

    a. lies in the plane 6x+4y-4z=0
    b. is parallel to and below the plane 5x-3y+3z=1
    c. is parallel to and above the plane 6x+2y-2z=3

    please I have an exam and tried to solve these problems as I'm studying but no way
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