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Courses Any Online Physics 2 Courses

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    Hey everyone,

    So basically I'm looking to take an online Physics 2 course. I know that is not a great option to do because I will miss out on the hand-to-hand labs which are important. I'm currently finishing up Physics 1 for the semester and was unable to enroll into physics 2 at my college because all the spots filled up because I could enroll. So now I'm stuck in between 2 options.

    Option 1: Wait a semester to take Physics 2 at my college and have a delayed graduation date because Physics 2 is a pre-requisite for alot of courses.

    Option 2: Take a online course that would allow to keep with with my studies and stay on track to graduate.

    By the way, I'm a engineer major.

    I'm looking for a Physics 2 online courses that is worth 4 credits.

    Thanks for reading and your input is appreciated.
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    Your best bet is a local community college. I took an online phys1 class from U of Texas and my university refused to transfer in the credit. Failing a local school, I know that U of T (http://courses.webhost.utexas.edu/dec/college/coursedetails.cfm?CourseID=491&CourseTitle=General%20Physics:%20Technical%20Course-Electricity%20and%20Magnetism,%20Light,%20Atomic%20and%20Nuclear%20Physics%20%28Online%29 [Broken]) has one but it may cause issues because of 3 credits vs. 4 and not being calculus based.
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    You'd better take care of the Physics 2 lab somehow. Your college almost certainly requires you to take both lecture and lab. Ask them if they'll let you take their lab (assuming you can still get into it) along with the online course.
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    I am in a situation where I will probably have to take (4hr) Calc-based Physics 1 and (4hr) Physics 2 online also. I have done some research on this, my TN school now offers this: Look for PHSY 2110 and 2120, the labs are computer simulated, and midterm and final can be proctored at your home university (at least in TN).

    http://www.rodp.org/degree-programs-courses/course-listings [Broken]

    I don't know where you are located, but these 2 classes are available to all TN community colleges and universities.
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    i cant believe a professor won't sign you into a large class like this as an engineering major. worst case scenario, someone will be dropping the class in the first week, so slots should open up then.

    can you take it over the summer?
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    Thanks everyone for your feedback and points of view. I will take it into consideration when deciding what I should do.

    The physics department said that the can't exceed limits and said that someone would probably drop the class the first week into the semester. I hope someone does, but also I don't want to wait until the semester starts and not have a set plan.

    I can't take it over the summer because I'm planning on taking Circuit Analysis over the summer and a pre-requisite for Circuit Analysis is Physics 2
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