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Any PF people in Austin, Tx. this week ?

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    Just came from across town, and it seemed like every other street corner, had at least one see through sun dress, or a camel toe pair of stretch pants, its a beautiful spring day, but there were so many.
    It finally dawned on me this is SXSW time here in Austin, people from all over the world come in for this event.
    Last year my wife and i went out to eat at a local place that has live music, and the young girl (lead singer) introduced the band, she made the comment, "I'm afraid to go to the restroom, I'm sure I'll walk in on someone playing the Guitar, and singing":smile:

    http://2007.sxsw.com/about/ [Broken]

    There are so many people for this event, that music people almost beg convienient store operators for a place to setup and perform.
    I've been able to see it from the seed of an idea, to a big time event.
    If you have never been here, it really is a fun place.:approve:
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    I've been watching replays of it on DirecTV. Last years was better from what I've seen so far. Mando Diao is a sweet band.
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