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Any photoshoppers out there?

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    so I've picked up photoshop and this awesome panoramic program called Autopano this last week.
    i've made some big panoramas in the 20000x10000 pixel range and I'm trying to crop them in photoshop.
    is there a way to crop and keep your original pixel size? as far as I can see you can only choose between your regular photo dimensions for the crop and then input any resolution you want. which is what I do for when i'm dealing with normal pictures because i can just do the math and get the correct dimensions with the pixels. however with these crazy panoramas there's no was I can calculate the crop resolution so I won't be going too high or too low. So is there a way I'm not finding where I can crop to the dimensions I want, and keep the native resolution of the image?

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    I have an older version, but I wouldn't think it would be any different in a newer version - Just use the crop tool, outline what you want to crop, and hit the "commit changes" button.
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    Not entirely sure what you mean here. The image consists of a certain amount of pixels and information about how much the resolution is in dots per inch, so that it'll get correctly scaled in layout programs and prints (otherwise I don't think it matters).

    What you're looking to do is to crop the image, that is cut away pixels, and yet not lose any pixels? You can't do that - but you can crop it, and then click image - image size and type in the original amount of pixels so that it'll get resized back up. You'll lose some quality by doing that. In the image size thing you'll also be able to resize the image in centimetres or inches - play with it to see how it works.
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    ok i got it figured out. you can just delete the preset 4x6 at 300dpi things and it will automatically crop to native resolution.
    what I meant though, was that it would normally default to a 4x6 at 300dpi crop. so if i cropped something slightly it would reduce the file to an 1800x1200 image even though there are more pixels than that there. I wanted it to keep the exact pixel size that was coming out of the camera, not force it to keep 300dpi at 4x6. but it seemed I got that figured out and workin. time to make some big prints!
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    I think you're talking about the resolution? I don't understand.
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