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Any point in taking senior level Statistical Mechanics?

  1. Aug 16, 2012 #1
    So I am going into my senior year at a canadian university this year. I plan on pursuing graduate school in accelerator physics thus I am trying to take courses that will prepare me well for this discipline. As such, I am trying to take several EM/RF engineering courses along with computational courses.

    Originally, I had no intentions of taking our senior level Statistical Mechanics as to me it is uninteresting and not as relevant to what I want to do. However, on viewing the required courses that most graduate programs in physics require you to take, I noticed that a lot of them had Statistical Mechanics (Grad level) as required.

    So here is my question, particularly for people who have already started graduate school. Would it be better to prepare myself for these grad courses by taking a Stat Mech course this year, or would it better to take a course more interesting and relevant to my future (such as another EM/RF/computational course)?

    I should mention I've taken a course in thermodynamics/heat transfer/radiation and a quarter course in thermal physics which covered basic classical stat mech.
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