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Any professional tutors here? Chemistry emphasis?

  1. Jan 21, 2008 #1
    Of all the jobs I've held, teaching one on one or in small groups (tutoring) has been my favorite and the most rewarding. I was teaching a subject which I wasn't super excited about (basic algebra), yet I still enjoyed going to work every day.

    I'm a micro/biochem major in college, but it seems like chemistry is the subject which I have both good aptitude for combined some demand for tutoring services. I'm especially interested in tutoring organic chemistry, where there conveniently seems to be the most demand. Lots of desperate pre-meds seem to have trouble with the subject.

    Anybody care to share experience with this line of work? Any info is welcome. Do you work for an organization, independantly or some combination of the two? Is it hard to get steady work? I understand it's not very lucrative, but I'd hope to eventually make at least 35-40,000 a year.
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