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Any published authors here?

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    Anyone here have any experience with publishing books? I wrote a book and am trying to get it published. Any Tips / tricks on how to go about the thing? :wink:
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    you went to the trouble of writing a book and you don't know how to get it published? that's just crazy. Is it a children's book? Is it in final draft? I've had some short stories published, but mailing the stories was all I had to do.
    If you really have a finished book I'd get a reputable agent. Find an agent, make sure they have other publishing authors as clients, and let your agent to the leg work. He'll be working for a percentage so he's going to get the best deal he can.
    The best advice I have though is to ask your question in the appropriate place. I don't go to my ophthalmologist when I need gardening tips. Head over to someplace like zoetrope.com where there are people who know about writing and publishing.
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    Ah, yeah... Its pretty simple overseas. But there are a few reputable publishers in India. Its not the same thing. I have been to many sites, I just thought there maybe someone here.
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    seriously. zoetrope.com. check it out
    It's actually owned by Francis Ford Coppola. There are a lot of nice people there, at least there used to be. If you are serious about writing it's a good place to check out.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Since you're asking here, is this a science book? Perhaps one covering your own views on relativity, quantum mechanics and/or cosmology?
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    Have you tried http://writingforums.com/ ? That forum is filled with experienced and published writers. Your question is a common topic there, so they have useful information for you.

    Good luck!
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    I am a book published author.
    I have published a book about science.
    I am a book published crank.

    In Korea, to make a publish company is very easy thing.
    I made a book publishing company to publish my book.
    but I abandoned to make a money, and distributed in charge free.

    To publish a book which have a ISBN is different to personal document making.
    That require complex process and more money.
    And most important differences are copyright and prior right.
    If you publish your theory in a book, your prior right will be absolutely protected.

    I do not know about the publishing industry in India,
    and do not know about your book.
    But I can say you as following.
    If you want to make a money by book publishing, that will be very difficult.
    but if you want to spend money by book publishing, you have many options.
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    ha, lol. That I know, I am fully aware of vanity publishers.

    And naw, its nothing about physics at all. Its just story about a guy who just gets out of college and tries an Idea about some software. He then realizes that things are not that easy and basically what happens after that. Its a true story in fact..:approve:

    Anyway, Since, I am in India, I am looking for some publisher in India. Sent it to a couple of publishers. No luck so far. Besides, they took close to 3 months to reply...:rolleyes: So, I was looking for other options.
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    you could always put it in pdf format and sell it as an ebook through your own website.
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    In a viewpoint of publisher. I guess your publicaton is very difficult.
    It is very difficult to publish a book for a author who is not famous in their field
    except self-publishing.

    3 months for editorial reading is too long. After 2 weeks ask to editor, if they do not give positive answer, that can be considered as rejection.

    There is two way,
    One is to persuade publishing company,
    The other is self-publishing.

    other option?
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    No, that can not be a book.
    Book can be maden only by publishing company.
    Official book can not be published that kind of method.
    If a document has not ISBN, that is not considered as a book.
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    Does the Bible have an ISBN? The Quran? The Torah?
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    Of course, Bibles have ISBNs in Korea.
    That is regared as a book which is published by publisher.
    that will be similar in almost every other nations.
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    My advice is following.


    Write a good contents,
    that is a most poweful method to persuade others.
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    You are author, you are a person who knows best about your book.
    Do not study other's face.
    Just write the reason for publication in your own opinion.
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    ah.. okay... cool... :smile:
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    that's ridiculous.
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    Does a book of matches have an ISBN?
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