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Any Recomendations?

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    Ok well I have a meade 2114 atts relfector telescope and it is great. I can see jupiter and all sorts of other stuff(no galaxies or nebulae yet which i really hoped to see) is there like certain things that can be veiwed better in certain places. I live in florida anyone know of anything good I can see and also I soon will come into 800-900$ any recomendations on a good telescope for veiwing nebulae or galaxies?
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    Are you in a location that occasionally gets really nice dark skies and seeing? For instance, can you ever see the Milky Way very prominently with the naked eye, and can you see M31 naked-eye? If not, your observing site is not going to be suitable for viewing other galaxies, and no amount of money will improve that significantly. Even Warren Buffet could not aford to build a decent observatory in suburban areas of Florida. You may want to concentrate on planetary observing if this is your circumstance.
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    Turbo is a real pro. I unwaveringly endorse his advice on equipment decisions.
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