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Any Santas out there?

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    Anyone waiting for their kids to go to bed so Santa Claus can come?
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    Ha ha, I never believed that crap. At age 3, I was like "How does this fat guy fit down a 6 inch pipe?"(we had a woodstove, not the stereotypical fireplace) Then 'bout the same age, after relentless pestering, my mom broke down and told me what I had suspected.
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    Im giving my kids a lump of coal.
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    Wow your mum cried just because she had to tell you santza doesnt exist??
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    As much as I negate this whole season on (lack of) religious grounds, I would support the Santa **** if I had a child. Being that I'm 51 (not a problem, since my dad was 55 when I was born) and W is 57 (big problem, reproductively speaking), I can just ignore the whole thing unless local kids come around.
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    Oerg, I meant it figuratively, as in, she crumpled under my persistant nagging and decided to tell me. No, she didn't cry, lol
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    Americans have it easy. Back in Poland the tradition is to have presents appear right before the Christmas eve dinner. Then presents are opened after dinner is over. In order for them to bring the presents without anyone noticing, one of the parents needs to make sure the kids are busy changing or doing something...
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    Naw... atheists have it easy. We can just ignore the whole damned thing.
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