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Any Stuffed Pizza Fans?

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    Les Sleeth

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    My hero!!!! :!!) :!!) :!!) :!!) :!!) :!!) :!!) :!!) :!!)
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    If you stuff it with something other than cheese for us lactose-intolerant folks.
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    Mmmm, yum!

    when i was working in detroit, there was this place on W Grand Ave that made some tasty stuffed spinach pizzas (filled with spinach and ricotta/mozzarella). I don't miss working in detroit, but I wouldn't mind going back for some of those pizzas.
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    Man, I gots to get me one of them All-Clad braisers. BTW - you can get cheaper All-Clad stuff (factory irregulars) here:


    For a grill pan - it seems like a cheap cast iron pan should suffice most of the time.
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    Les Sleeth

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    That would be a challenge alright. I've seen soy mozzerlla and other varieties, but never tried them. My heart goes out to anyone deprived of pizza. :cry:
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    Les Sleeth

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    Thanks for the tip for bargains on All-Clad (although if I buy another pan my wife is going to bonk me in the head with it). I got a lot of mine cheap at a cookware place that was discontinuing selling All-Clad.

    You are right, a cast iron pan will do. I've even toasted them in the toaster.
    I like the grill marks and the nonstick, nonreactive surface of the All-Clad, plus because I grill veggies so much it was a bargain at $50.
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    Stuffed pizza? Dont you mean calzoni?
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    Les Sleeth

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    never heard of it.. looks nice tho.. love spinach :-)
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