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Any tips on studying better?

  1. Mar 17, 2015 #1
    Hi, everyone!
    Right now i'm on my second semester in university, and the problem i'm having now is that i find some kind difficult understand some classes like Integral Calculus, Statics and even Statistics and Probability and Statistics. Also on my first exams i got some low notes, so right now i would like to change that and get better grades. The only problem that i find also is that i think i'm not studying enough, also because the homework from the other subjects (but that's no excuse of course). And also like i said in the beginning , i find some kind difficult to understand some topics that the teacher is explaining, and it's so frustrating. So i would like to know, if anyone could give me some tips or techniques on how study better? I appreciate any help.
    Thanks in Advance and have a nice day
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  3. Mar 17, 2015 #2
    I found that just taking a break, it doesn't have to be a long one, just do something totally different and unrelated to 'study' of whatever the present agenda is - that can do wonders.
  4. Mar 17, 2015 #3
    What are you doing right now in terms of studying?

    I think find a place to study where you can actually work. For example my room is not one of those places, I associate my room more with relaxing. I prefer to go to a library or local coffee shop for this reason.

    One you have a place you can get work done getting into a schedule of doing a little work everyday is important. Trying to cram for classes that are difficult can be disastrous.

    Then while studying make sure to take breaks. Get up stretch grab a drink of water anything to let the material digest a little. Any material or problems you are having trouble with try and post them here or bring them to your instructor or friends in your class. Working with other students on difficult subjects can really help and you can meet some friends this way.

    Stress management techniques such as exercise good diet and sleep will help tremendously.
  5. Mar 21, 2015 #4
    Thanks for your replies!
    The way i study is that i look on my notebooks which topics i saw in the class and then i search for videos that explain it because I find that some of my teachers explains the classes some kind fast, for example in Integral Calculus. Also in last semester most of the days i was going to the library in the morning before classes and it worked great, but right now i seem to don't have any chance because i'm too tired or simply i would like to go and take a rest (i think because i don't sleep good enough).
    I would make sure to do a schedule of the subjects i need to work on as well.
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