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Any tips on studying please?

  1. May 29, 2008 #1
    If you could offer any tips for studying for an Algebra test for tomorrow morning it would be great.
    It covers:

    • Vector quantities and [tex]$\mathbb{R^n}$[/tex]
    • [tex]$\mathbb{R^2}$[/tex] and analytic geometry
    • Points, line segments and lines. Parametric vector equations. Parallel lines.
    • Planes. Linear combinations and the span of two vectors. Planes though the origin.
    • Parametric vector equations for planes in [tex]$\mathbb{R^n}$[/tex]. The linear equation form of a plane.


    • Introduction to systems of linear equations. Solution of 2 × 2 and 2 × 3 systems and geometrical interpretations.
    • Matrix notation. Elementary row operations.
    • Solving systems of equations via Gaussian elimination.
    • Deducing solubility from row-echelon form. Solving systems with indeterminate right
      hand side.
    • General properties of solutions to Ax = b.
    • Matrix operations.

    No calculators are allowed and it goes for 20 minutes.
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    tip: if the test is tomorrow morning, all studying should be pretty much completed before tonight. only mild review should be appropriate.

    i say this now that the test is over so as not to upset you before the test, but to help on the next test.
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    Hmm yeah I got the harder paper and when I solved for the intersection between two planes I was lost when I got infinite solutions after using Gaussian Elimination.

    And I still couldn't grasp the concept of linear combination of vectors, i.e. I haven't found a mechanical way to solve questions like these.

    Well I guess it all really counts in the end since my final exam is worth 64% of the entire assessment over the semester.
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    of course one should expect two planes to intersect in a line, i.e. infinitely many points.

    try to think geometrically.
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