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Any Tool, or A Perfect Circle fans out here?

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    Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's me, Atomos... I was on the old Physicsforums, and signed up for this one as soon as it started up, but I've been busy and haven't been on in awhile and posted... But I'm through the forums everyday... I doubht anybody remembers me, but i did have about 400 posts...

    Anyways, I'm a hardcore Tool fa, and I'm slowly getting into A Perfect Circle... They're both bands that have Maynard James Keenan as a main singer... Anyways, I was wondering if anybody out there knows if either band is coming out with a CD soon, and if it's being held back by the death of Maynard's mother... Anyways, I love the band, and if anybody would like to have a disgussion about them, then start it up...
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    apc's billed for the lollapalooza tour. they aren't going to all venues, but you should be able to catch them somewhere.

    as for an album, check their websites i guess.
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    I love Tool and APC. I've seen both in concert, they're awesome!
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    jimmy p

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    Hey all you APC fans out there. I was reading an article in a music magazine the other day and apparently APC's new album is going to be released on the 15th September. Please dont hold this against me cos bands are funny things who will probably delay their album...oh well

    hope ive been of some help
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    Tool is my favorite band and has been for years. Their stuff just never seems to get old.

    I've been OGT from back in '92. From the first EP.

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    count me in as a fan...
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    I enjoy Tool, however my only concert experience with them was unsatisfactory. They played 2-3 singles and then proceeded to play an hour long jam.
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