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Anybody know Matlab, Need HELP

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    Anybody know Matlab, Need HELP!!!!!

    Ok i am taking this class and we have to write programs. The teacher is not much help at all. I need to write this program. I hate this programing stuff.

    "Create Matlab functions that solve systems of linear algebraic equations using Gauss-Elimination and Gauss-Jordan methods by obtaining the co-efficient matrix, [A], and the RHS values, {b}, as input and output the matrix of unknown values. Then, use these functions in a simple Matlab code to solve a system of linear algebraic equations based on a user's choice."

    Can anybody help me out?? I will make it worth your time!
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    You need to write m - file(s) containing the respective algorithms & simple script. The matlab primer for one gives some good basic guidance how to get started :

    http://www.egr.msu.edu/decs/facilities/software/matlab/matlabses1.pdf [Broken]
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