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Anybody know?

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    can anybody let me know the estimation of C,S,Si,Mn and P in cast iron and steel?

    i will be thankful to all who will reply for this.:smile:
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    One could search with google for specific compositions or specifications.

    Information on steels and iron alloys - http://www.key-to-steel.com/default.aspx?ID=Articles

    The carbon content varies. Cast irons have 2% carbon or higher.
    Classification of Cast Iron - http://www.key-to-steel.com/Articles/Art63.htm

    In Carbon Steels type ranges P (0.035-0.040%), S (0.040-0.050%) and in Stainless Steels P (0.040-0.045%), S (0.030%), and I've seen high purity SS with lower requirements in order to avoid stress corrosion cracking.

    P and S maybe higher in Cast Irons, e.g. in ASTM A159 cast iron: P Max 0.12%, S Max 0.15%.

    P and S are impurities, while C, Si and Mn are alloying elements whose content depends on the grade of steel/cast iron.

    % is % by weight.
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    thankyou for your help.
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