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Anyone an electromechanical engineer?

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    Is anyone here an electromechanical engineer? I think this is the field that I want to get into.

    If there is anyone, what kind of projects do you get to work on? What's your usual day at work like? I would imagine that you'd get quite a bit of control over the project, is this true?

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    Nobody can answer this for you. It really is all about you here. As you grow your interests might change. Then its time to sell someone on how your skills are valuable to the new field. Or go back to school. :biggrin:
    I've done both.

    Who knows. What I work on now did not exist when I got out of school.
    What your day will be like depends a lot on you.

    Generally not. You will be told to do XYZ.
    However, if you can show that BQR is a benefit, it proves to work and do this a few times you can get a fair amount of independence. Depends on if your boss is a control freak or not. If this is the case it's time to clean up your resume :uhh:
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